The Resilient Researcher

Connecting with the core of research life

  • Reconnect with what resources your resilience and well-being
  • Be clear on your direction, know how to prioritise and set meaningful goals
  • Explore what knocks you off balance and how to regain it
  • Learn to manage self-limiting beliefs and build confidence
  • Identify personal strategies to sustain everyday resilience
  • Learn from the collective wisdom of the group

At all stages of career, the challenges of research life can make it hard to sustain a sense of personal resilience and well-being, yet that is key to research effectiveness.

Unique to this workshop, you are NOT going to be told what resilience is, and what you SHOULD do to build it. 

This one-day, experiential and interactive coaching-based workshop will create an opportunity to re-engage with your own sense of personal resilience and well-being, and be challenged with how to bring that into your everyday life.

  • ‘Brilliant, Very valuable, Enjoyable.’ (Lancaster,  April 2013)
  • ‘Really enjoyed Will’s style and the fact that he’s been in our shoes.‘ (Liverpool University, April 2014)
  • ‘Really thought-provoking.  Gave me better insight into myself and new ways of thinking to overcome actual/potential problems.’ (University of Leeds, November 2018)