One-to-one coaching is an opportunity to look more closely at what’s going on for you with challenge and accountability to find clarity, courage and commitment. Academics at all stages of career – from PhD students to Professors, Heads of Departments and Directors of Institutes around themes such as :

  • Establishing clarity of purpose and vision and translating that into everyday practice
  • Managing self-doubt, fear and anxiety and building up confidence in their agenda
  • Developing better balance and sustaining personal resilience and well-being, including making tough decisions about work as well as the rest of life
  • Managing uncertainty and creating alternative possibilities
  • Developing better writing habits as part of everyday academic life

More about Will’s approach to coaching can be found on his personal website . Most Will’s coaching takes place via phone, Skype or Zoom and he has worked with clients in North and South America as well as across Europe.

Responding to, and in conversation with the you, my coaching can be light, humorous, vibrant, and energising. At the same time it can be difficult, challenging, disruptive, involving fierce questions and looking awry for alternative perspectives. It can also provide some solace while at the same time evoking change. Emotions, metaphor, embodied experience, stretching comfort zones all come to play a role.

Coach Will Medd has been a constant source of inspiration, motivation,  encouragement and support – and much humour! With his gentle, firm and  sometime down right blunt guidance, I have clarity in my purpose and a strategy to translate my vision into reality” (Lancaster 2012)

“Will has inspired me to not just think about my career goals, but to actually take action and achieve them. He asks challenging and insightful questions and, because the questions are relevant to my own personal situation, I see the value in taking the time to answer them honestly.  His coaching sessions are both professional and fun … I will seek out Will’s 1-1 coaching in the years to come.” (Liverpool, 2014)

“I really enjoyed the sessions – they were variously funny, hard, emotional, challenging… It was really helpful that you worked in a flexible way that enabled me to negotiate the work being done in the coaching alongside the rest of my life and workload. There were moments where it felt like a switch had flipped for me – where your questions/comments/framings hit right home – and these are still reverberating with me currently” (Bristol, 2018)