About Will

  • A highly qualified coaching skill set uniquely combined with an intimate understanding of the experience of research as a contract researcher, academic, and principal investigator.
  • A track-record demonstrating expertise in delivering coaching to an academic audience, including specialist development of effective group coaching methods that are responsive to the needs of participants.
  • A collaborative approach to co-design which ensures learning from an integrated process of evaluation and review.

As professional certified coach, coach supervisor, and meditation trainer, and a former academic with an international research reputation, Will brings a highly qualified coaching skill set uniquely combined with an intimate understanding of the experience of academic life. Will is passionate about enabling people to be at their best while recognising the need to balance academic work with the rest of life.

Will’s Coaching

A Professional Certified Coach (Coactive Coaching, CPCC) and Certified Coaching Supervisor (Coaching Supervision Academy):Private coaching practice – 1500+ hours logged having coached over 100 clients across the UK, Europe and North and South America, and from a range of professional backgrounds, including: lecturers, professors, PhD students, undergraduate students, teachers, neuroscientists, medical researchers, care-workers, counsellors, writers, consultants, youth workers.

Group Coaching – has worked with over 50 groups, including undergraduates, PhD students, academics (at all stages of career) in University and NHS settings.

Coaching programmes – designing and delivering commissioned programmes utilising coaching methodologies and training in coaching skills.  Programmes include face-to-face workshops, on-line group coaching, writing workshops, on-line group coaching, coach supervision, 1-1 coaching, ‘train the trainer’ and team coaching. Clients have included: the Universities of Lancaster, Liverpool, Edinburgh, Lincoln, Leeds, Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, Goldsmiths, Essex, Newcastle and Sheffield, the Northern Advanced Research Training Initiative (NARTI), VITAE, ESRC North West Doctoral Training Centre, North West Enterprise School, Striding Out, Modernising Local Government, Unilever, North West NHS R&D.

Publishing – coaching training material for VITAE (including report on coaching for research, report on coaching for leadership, two training manuals on peer2peer coaching, two coaching books (Your PhD Coach (2013) and Get Sorted! (2015).

Will works within the code of professional ethics of the International Coaching Federation. He also has regular supervision.

Will’s Academic Background

As PhD Student (1995-2000), contract researcher (2000-2006) and Lecturer (2006-2013) Will was a REF active researcher, well versed in the challenges of interdisciplinary and cross-institutional research. As a social scientist often working in collaboration with scientists in the field of water management, Will had a reputation for developing high-impact research involving strong stakeholder involvement.  As a Principal Investigator and Co-Investigator funding bodies included European Commission, National Research Councils (ESRC and EPSRC), UK Water Industry Research, Government Departments, Private Sector Companies, and Local Authorities.  Two of his projects as Principal Investigator were evaluated as ‘Outstanding’ by the ESRC, one being awarded second place in the ESRC Celebrating Impact Awards (May 2013).

Will was also passionate about student learning and resilience. As a Lecturer he engaged in developing group and experiential learning wherever possible. This was the focus of his PGCAP (2009). As a coach he’s continued to work with undergraduates and post-graduates in workshop and group coaching formats.  This work led to publishing two co-authored coaching books (Your PhD Coach (2013) and Get Sorted! (2015)), developing a series of videos to support student resilience, and developing resources around fear of failure.

Will’s approach to workshops

Will is deeply committed to ensuring all participants gain from the experience, offering an appropriate balance of professionalism, emotional sensitivity and humour to develop the right conditions of challenge and support conducive to participant engagement and learning. His sessions are regularly scored as ‘excellent’ by participants and comments have included: “respectful, sensitive to needs of the group”, “Fantastic, created really safe atmosphere to expose the issues raised”, “Excellent. Very patient when dealing with quite a few of us, kept us on track “, “Exceptional – humane, forgiving, thoughtful and able to bring out the best in a diverse group” and “Excellent, professional, honest and inspiring”. 

Below are details about Will’s coaching and Qualifications. If you want more about Will and his background visit www.willmedd.com


IRest Meditation Teacher (Level 2) Teacher,  Integrative Restoration Institute, October 2018

Diploma in Coaching Supervision,  Coaching Supervision Academy, November 2017

Advanced Group and Team Coaching Practicum, Potentials Realized, June 2016

Professional Certified Coach (ICF PCC), International Coaching Federation, April 2016-February 2020

Mindfulness Teacher, Teach Mindfulness, October 2014

Accredited Certified Coach (ICF ACC), International Coaching Federation, February 2013-March 2016

Co-active Professional Certified Coach, Coaches Training Institute, November 2012

Organisation and Relationship Systems Coaching Fundamentals, CRR Global, October 2011

Post-Graduate Certificate of Achievement in Coaching and Mentoring, Lancaster University, June 2009

Post-Graduate Certificate in Academic Practice, Lancaster University, June 2009

Ph.D. in Sociology, Lancaster University, 1995-1999. Awarded 21st March 2000.

B.Sc. (Hons) 2.1, Sociology and Social Policy, University of Southampton, 1992-1995