Connecting to the core of University life

AcademicLives works with academics at all stages of career to be at their best while sustaining personal resilience and well-being.

Key to our work is a unique and direct engagement with the core experience of university life to enhance the connection between aspiration, everyday practice and personal well-being.

AcademicLives offers a portfolio of experiential, coaching based workshops, programmes, one-to-one and group coaching, all uniquely based on an intimate understanding of the experience of academic life.

Developed by Will Medd, AcademicLives builds on his unique experience as former academic and a professional certified to combine coaching with an intimate understanding of university life.

“Invaluable in redressing work-life balance and getting to the core of what I want to achieve which is integral to improving my performance within my department and the institution.” (PI Development Programme, Lancaster University, 2017)

“Brilliant – engaging and friendly from the start. Made everyone feel welcome and valued” (The PhD Leader, Leeds University School, November 2018)

“Will was excellent and really used a wide variety of experiential learning techniques that had a lasting impact” (ResilientResearcher, Manchester Metropolitan University, November 2017)