PhD Winter Write Club 2020

Productive PhD writing in balance with the rest of life


Writing is integral to PhD life and yet, even when there is empty space ahead, it can be hard to get going, let alone sustain momentum. Perhaps you come up with all sorts of distractions. Convince yourself you need to read more or analyse the data further. Maybe hold back through fear wasting time going down the wrong track. Or worry you’re not doing justice to the complexity of the ideas you’re grappling with. It can all get so heavy, and so much is at stake. How difficult it can be to feel satisfied with your writing, like you’ve done a good day’s work!

Whatever stage you are at in your PhD, Write Club will help you create a balanced, productive and satisfying approach to writing.  Too often is time lost through realising you have too much to do, that you’ve set unrealistic goals, you’ve not the space you thought you had, you’ve lost confidence in what you’re trying to do, or you’re just too tired! It doesn’t have to be this way.

Write Club involves a combination of group coaching, peer-working and individual support that creates encouragement, challenge and accountability in ways that help you get your writing done and develop effective writing practices you can sustain in balance with the rest of life.  Paying particular attention to how you prepare to write, the habit of writing, the goals you set and what holds you back, Write Club aims for you to end the programme with a sense of satisfaction, balance and confidence in what you’ve achieved, and with a clear sense of how you will take the lessons into the future.

Running from the end of January to the end of April, we begin with a day retreat to establish some core principles, which can be attended face-to-face or virtually, and follow with a three-month programme of support that includes group coaching, peer-support and one-to-one communications.