The Resilient Researcher

Connecting with the core of research life

  • Reconnect with what resources your resilience and well-being
  • Explore what knocks you off balance and how to regain it
  • Learn to manage self-limiting beliefs and build confidence
  • Identify personal strategies to sustain everyday resilience
  • Learn from the collective wisdom of the group

At all stages of career, the challenges of research life can make it hard to sustain a sense of personal resilience and well-being, yet that is key to research effectiveness.

This one-day, experiential and interactive coaching-based workshop will create an opportunity to re-engage with your own sense of personal resilience and well-being, and be challenged with how to bring that into your everyday life.

  • ‘Brilliant, Very valuable, Enjoyable.’ (Lancaster,  April 2013)
  • ‘Really enjoyed Will’s style and the fact that he’s been in our shoes.‘ (Liverpool University, April 2014)
  • ‘Really thought-provoking.  Gave me better insight into myself and new ways of thinking to overcome actual/potential problems.’ (University of Leeds, November 2018)